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Our Team

Patrick Jacobi

CoFounder & CEO

Patrick is a seasoned leader with a rich history of success spanning over 25 years across diverse industries. His track record includes driving innovation, achieving business success, and promoting corporate social responsibility. With a solid foundation in business operations, Patrick has consistently fueled revenue growth and enhanced overall performance.

Patrick’s early career involved working for Silicon Valley technology companies after graduating from the University of Maryland. During this period, he played a role in the growth of high-tech innovations and job opportunities, showcasing his early commitment to driving positive change through technology and business.

In his current role at True Food Innovation, Patrick has taken his passion for healthy living to the next level. By combining personal experiences and a dedication to well-being through food, he is spearheading initiatives to promote healthier lifestyles. This aligns with the broader trend of conscious consumerism and reflects a commitment to making a positive impact on individuals and communities.

Alan True


Respected as an American investor and entrepreneur, he has created, run, and managed several highly successful global businesses in consumer goods manufacturing, food processing, and real estate, among other industries. His investments have helped to define new markets and have historically yielded large returns on investment.

In 2015, Alan recognized a market need for safe, clean label, freshly prepared foods that offered a long shelf life, appealing to busy, health-conscious consumers. To meet this need, he created True Fresh HPP, providing first-to-market innovative, highly scalable, high-pressure processing of fresh foods. With a facility in Southern California and partnerships with facilities nationwide, True Fresh HPP went on to become a leader in high-pressure processing.

Twila True


Twila’s story starts in South Dakota as a member of the Oglada Lakota Sioux Tribe. From humble beginnings, Twila had a challenging upbringing and overcame many obstacles, but she didn’t let that define her. Today, she is a true powerhouse in the entrepreneur space and looking to enrich the lives of those around her and beyond.

Twila True’s dedication extends beyond her businesses to charitable ventures. She established True Children’s Home, inspired by her experiences in Asia, where children from orphanages received life-changing surgeries and nurturing care in a home environment. Twila has also served on various boards, including the NMSDC 50th Anniversary Steering Committee and the Fender Play Foundation.

Her remarkable achievements as an entrepreneur and philanthropist make Twila True an inspiration to many, defying the odds and making a positive impact in multiple industries while actively giving back to her community and beyond. We know Twila will continue to be a fearless leader and an advocate for those without a voice.

Noel Bonn


Noel Bonn is a distinguished business leader with over 25 years of experience, renowned for elevating organizations to new heights. Proven as a dynamic team builder and strategic planner, he excels in boosting team morale and surpassing customer and vendor expectations. Noel Bonn’s leadership has been pivotal in fostering collaboration among cross-functional teams, driving successful project completions, and spearheading fiscal growth. An analytical thinker, he adeptly tracks performance indicators, identifies trends, and is proficient in the nuanced domains of supply chain management, finance, sales, and marketing.

In a notable tenure as President & CEO of THG Brands Inc., Noel Bonn led the company’s evolution from a modest farmers market presence to a major consumer packaged goods manufacturer and wholesaler. Under is guidance, the company achieved 15X growth in revenue and transitioned into a well recognized brand. His strategic vision also established new sales channels with top-tier retailers, resulting in expanded national sales and a robust vendor network. Prior roles include significant contributions as VP of Sales and Marketing at Excelline Food Products, LLC, where his leadership realized a 75% revenue increase and a strategic overhaul that amplified growth and market presence.

Educationally grounded with an A.S. in Business Administration from Orange Coast College, he has consistently upgraded  his skill set, obtaining certifications in MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite, and communication methodologies. His career is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, continuous learning, and an innovative approach that has consistently translated into significant business achievements and robust revenue growth.

Jessica Vanroo

Executive Chef

In the skilled hands of Jessica VanRoo (“Chef Jess”), food becomes medicine that melts in your mouth.

A professional chef with two decades of experience and a culinary management degree from Art Institute of Orange County, VanRoo has a keen understanding of the power of food. This awareness feeds her passion for teaching people tips and techniques for preparing food that tastes great and can improve health.

VanRoo is executive chef of the UCI Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute’s Mussallem Nutritional Education Center, a teaching kitchen where whole health flourishes through food as medicine. She is the creative chef who develops institute programs that please the palate and promote culinary medicine. Her menus are rich in produce, reflecting the influence of her upbringing in Taiwan.

Under VanRoo’s leadership, nutritional education center instructors – professional chefs and registered dietitians, often accompanied by physicians – connect the dots between food and health in programs for health professionals, patients and community organizations. She has also equipped the eight-station teaching kitchen and dining space to support group medical visits and culinary medicine research that involves meal preparation and service.

VanRoo developed her first culinary medicine curriculum for UCI medical students while serving as director of Culinary Recreation and Experiential Programs for the university’s Campus Recreation. That project, which led to her current role, like many she introduced for Campus Recreation, reflected her passion for teaching through food.

Melissa McLane


Melissa McLane, a Board-Certified Functional Medicine Nutritional Practitioner (BCFNP) and Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor (CFNC) stands at the forefront of a paradigm shift in health and wellness, advocating for a revolutionary approach centered around root cause healthcare. With certifications in Health and Wellness Coaching and a focus on metabolic health, Melissa’s educational journey includes substantial coursework in Dietetics at SFSU, a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, and Hot Pilates Training. Pursuing a BA in Psychology from Antioch University underscores her commitment to a comprehensive and empowering methodology.


A true catalyst for empowerment, Melissa’s impact is evident with her patients as well in her Amazon-published 14-day Detox Cleanse and her unique, relatable, and highly effective wellness programs. Rooted in her healthcare journey, Melissa has become a guiding force for countless patients facing perplexing conditions often dismissed by conventional medical approaches. In a healthcare landscape where patient feelings can be overlooked, Melissa stands tall, offering resolution and steadfast support.


Melissa’s empowering and compassionate methodology guides clients beyond symptom management, helping them comprehend and conquer the underlying causes of their health challenges. Pioneering a transformative perspective on well-being, Melissa is dedicated to not just surviving but thriving as we age. Her particular focus has been on supporting women navigating challenges in menopause. As a healthcare practitioner, she remains at the forefront, spearheading the journey for individuals towards optimal metabolic health and cultivating enduring well-being.

Ross Gatta

Chief Financial Officer

Ross has extensive experience in operating some of the largest food related businesses globally. Ross was previously with Pulmuone Foods USA  Inc. for 6 years where he held the role of CEO.  Prior to joining Pulmuone USA Inc., Ross was an International executive with the Nestle Group and held senior leadership roles across Europe and Asia Pacific within Nestlé’s Ice Cream, Bottled Water as well as Nespresso business units


Gwendolyn Wilson

Human Resources

Gwendolyn Wilson is the SVP Business Structure, Corporate Governance & Human Resources for True Family Enterprises. She has over 15 years of experience in the areas of business structure, human resources, and acquisition activities. Gwendolyn received her BA from the University of California, San Diego.

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